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Re: Project direction with testing changes (branches and patches)

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: Project direction with testing changes (branches and patches)
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2021 09:05:54 +0200
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Christopher Baines <> writes:

I think using Patchwork or Mumi is viable, it would probably not be great to use both in the long term. The most useful thing for me would
be to pick an approach.

Patchwork is closer in terms of features I think, since it has an API for patch series and checks. I know mumi gained the ability to generate
mbox files for patch series now though.

I wouldn’t mind getting rid of Mumi.

Surely Patchwork has a way to configure the user interface somewhat?

I think the requirements in terms of Mumi would be to have some way of
querying for patch series to test, or at least all/recent patch
series. I suppose something could just ask for the 1st or latest series each time there's an email to a issue, that might be the simplest

There is an /issue/<id>/patch-set/<num> handler to download patch series. IIRC there is a bug somewhere that makes it not work as intended, but I did use it in the past to get a whole bunch of patches and apply them with ‘git am’.

Then there's the bits you describe about showing relevant
information about whatever tests take place. I guess Mumi would need an API or some way to find out about that information, and then display it. Maybe that could happen in the form of emails with machine+human
readable data that Mumi could interpret.

I don’t know what this means.  What exactly is needed here?

Unfortunately I don't know much about the Mumi internals. Ricardo, are you able to comment on the feasibility and whether this direction would
make sense?

I think it’s feasible to add a few more things to Mumi to make the existing features work better. But I should also emphasize that I’m in no way attached to Mumi. If we have something better I’d be happy to retire it. Mumi has served us well; we don’t need to extend its use beyond what is reasonable.


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