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Re: issue tracking in git

From: Giovanni Biscuolo
Subject: Re: issue tracking in git
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2021 18:19:23 +0200

Hi Adriano and Ricardo,

I'm also _very_ interested in keeping issues in the same repo as code
and I'm really envious of Fossil users [1] :-D

Ricardo Wurmus <> writes:


> Many years ago I used Bugs Everywhere 
> ( for my 
> personal projects.  I really quite liked it, not least because you 
> can close a bug right as you fix the issue — it’s part of the same 
> commit.

I've still not tested it but there is also git-issue
(, there's also a Guix patch

> I have no idea how well it works when there’s a lot of “traffic” 
> in a distributed project, e.g. when there are several comments to 
> the same issue by different people.  Having merge conflicts in the 
> issue tracker is a headache I’d like to avoid.

Each issue and issue comment is a file named with a SHA, see for details; issues
and comments can be edited, so coordination and contribution guidelines
(also) for issues and comments are still needed.

There's no other interface than the CLI, so no email based workflows.

An interesting workflow could be to use emails as a "side-channel" for
discussions /about/ issues (and issue comments), and maintainers could
provide a public-inbox [2] of the "issues-discussion" messages; email
discussions can be linked with the git-issue managed issues (and
comments) by the maintainers of the project, in order to keep track of
the discussions while maintaining them separated from issues (and issue
comments).  This way, issues should be considered more like (meta-)code
than out-of-channel-text, from a maintainers POV. :-D

Last, AFAIK Diomidis Spinellis have compiled the most updated list of
tools for issue tracking "embedded" in git:

Best regards, Gio'


[2] that in turn creates a git repo of the messages, and provides a
read-only web view of all the archived messages

Giovanni Biscuolo

Xelera IT Infrastructures

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