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How did you handle making a GNU/Linux distribution?

From: Sage Gerard
Subject: How did you handle making a GNU/Linux distribution?
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2021 16:43:34 +0000

Hi folks,

My name is Sage. I wrote a cross-platform Guix-like package manager
called Xiden. It applies functional package management to the Racket
ecosystem. It is also free software under the GPLv3. The source is
available at zyrolasting/xiden on Github, pending migration to a new host.

I'm at the point where users are requesting a GNU/Linux distribution for
Xiden, such that Racket is the primary language for day-to-day
operation. I'm ignorant of the scope of work, and am unsure if I can do
it alone.  My understanding is that you had to bootstrap your entire
toolchain and address Ken Thompson's compiler hack from a different
angle. Is that right?

I'd greatly appreciate learning how you all built Guix's GNU/Linux
distribution so that I can prepare a realistic roadmap and recruit help
where necessary. I'm bad at both of those things, but if there is any
opportunity to collaborate on implementation details based on Xiden's
progress, I am happy to give back.

Thank you for Guix, and thank you for any replies.


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