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Re: avoid wrapper scripts when possible

From: Attila Lendvai
Subject: Re: avoid wrapper scripts when possible
Date: Wed, 08 Sep 2021 09:20:52 +0000

thanks for the ideas Maxime!

> You could patch trezor-agent with something like
> Python syntax might be incorrect
> ================================
> if sys.argv[0] == ".trezor-gpg'
> sys.argv[0] = "trezor-gpg"
> device_name = os.path.basename(sys.argv[0]).rsplit('-',1)[0]
> Would that work?

most probably, but i thought first i'll pursue a more general fix for
this. i will fall back to just patching upstream if i fail.

> FWIW, there's 'wrap-program' and there is 'wrap-script'.
> wrap-script is less likely to cause errors here (it doesn't rename the 
> executable)
> but less general. Maybe wrap-script can be used instead of wrap-program?

not sure how to do this. looking at python-build-system.scm it looks
like there is no way to tell it to use wrap-script, so i went ahead
and just changed the wrap-program call to wrap-script globally, and
gave it a try.

the first error i encountered was in the package called scons. it has
.bat files that wrap-script fails on. if i delete them in a snippet,
then scons' own build system errors out.

any hints on how to proceed from here?

was this what you meant at all?

would it be a worthwhile improvement to hack my way through this path
at all?

shall i try to make it configurable from the package's definition,
change the default, and force it back to wrap-program for packages
that fail with wrap-script?

- attila

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