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Re: On the naming of System and Home services modules.

From: Andrew Tropin
Subject: Re: On the naming of System and Home services modules.
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2021 16:15:11 +0300

On 2021-09-15 12:09, Maxime Devos wrote:

> Andrew Tropin schreef op wo 15-09-2021 om 11:47 [+0300]:
>> *** Confusion
>> I already mentioned that I see a lot of confusion between System and
>> Shepherd services and I expect some confusion between home and system
>> services, it will be especially true if we place them in the same
>> namespace.
>> People will be trying to use home services inside operating systems,
>> #+begin_src scheme
>> (operating-system
>>   (services
>>    (list (service home-mcron-service-type ...))))
>> #+end_src
>> and configuration record for system services inside home services.
>> #+begin_src scheme
>> (home-environment
>>  ... (service home-mcron-service-type
>>               (mcron-configuration ...)))
>> #+end_src
> What do you think of adding some validation code to 'service-type'
> and the "guix home" equivalent, e.g. a ‘validate’ field, which
> could be used like
> (define-module (...)
>   #:autoload (gnu home??? mcron) (mcron-user-configuration?))
> (define mcron-service-type
>   (service-type (name 'mcron)
>                 ...
>                 (validate
>                   (lambda (config)
>                     (cond ((mcron-configuration? config) #t)
>                           ((home-mcron-configuration? config)
>                            ;; TODO: figure out a clear error message
>                            (validation-error (G_ "A mcron configuration for 
> the system was expected, but a configuration for the user was used")))
>                           (#t #f))))))
> and likewise for the "guix home" equivalent, such that if user configurations
> are used in the system configuration, an error message is printed, indicating
> the issue?  Maybe include the line and column number of the record as well.
> Greetiings,
> Maxime.

Hi Maxime,

Nice idea and viable solution, but here I was talking about the case,
when both home-mcron-service-type and mcron-service-type in the same
(gnu services mcron) namespace.  I expect much less confusion and it
probably won't be an issue, when they are in different modules (gnu
home-services mcron) and (gnu services mcron) for example.  If person
imports (gnu services SOMETHING) than they expect to get system services
for their operating-system, if they imports (gnu home-services
SOMETHING) they want to extend their home-environment. 

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