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Re: core-updates-frozen: Planning for the last world rebuild

From: John Kehayias
Subject: Re: core-updates-frozen: Planning for the last world rebuild
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2021 19:18:44 +0000

Hi Ludo’ and Guixers,

Thanks for the good progress on core-updates-frozen (where I'm currently 
writing from and have nearly everything working as before). Seems like we have 
a few different bug numbers and threads for the world rebuild. Sorry for 
repeating from #50860, which I will paste below.

In summary, I also noticed an older bug for Flatpak with p11-kit, as well as 
p11-kit being out of date. Locally I've tested it builds with the patch and 
version update and fixes the bug. The configuration change is the same as nix 
does for p11-kit for the same reason, for what that is worth.

Less critical is Mesa continuing to put out updates, both on 21.1 and now 
moving to 21.2 (considered stable I believe). I thought we might sneak that in 
if we're doing lots of rebuilding.

Thanks! Original message with more details below:

Is there anything else with huge rebuilds to push together? I don't want to 
keep finding and adding things, but two possibilities come to mind that I've 
just noticed:

1a. p11-kit #49957

I've just hit this bug on core-updates-frozen as well, though was originally 
reported on master. As I noted there, I tried to test with just grafts but 
didn't fix it for me (I'm guessing grafting won't work with that configure flag 
change). The patch matches how nix configures p11-kit as well, due to this bug.

1b. p11-kit is also now out of date. The changelog doesn't look substantial or 
serious, but given the nature of p11-kit I wonder if we want to update it now 

2. (minor) Mesa has had a few more bugfix and major releases since my initial 
patch for core-updates-frozen. Now at 21.1.8 for the 21.1 branch (we have 
21.1.6 currently), but 21.2 has also had stable releases, with 21.2.2. I 
previously built 21.2.1 and sent a patch for it, and could test 21.2.2 if we 
want to do that too.

I'm aware this could continue forever, and #2 is likely lower priority. #1, 
though, should we consider p11-kit a critical update (version, at least) since 
we're still fixing core-updates-frozen?


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