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Re: On the naming of System and Home services modules.

From: Oleg Pykhalov
Subject: Re: On the naming of System and Home services modules.
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2021 22:36:13 +0300
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Andrew Tropin <> writes:


>> I would very much like to have these modules renamed to (gnu home
>> services …) quickly.  WDYT?  Could the two of you take a look?
> Doable.
> What about moving home services to (gnu services ...)?
> It's a little harder, because we probably will need to adjust `guix
> system search` and `guix home search`, but other than that seems not too
> hard.
> However, I'm quite ok with (gnu home services ...), just asking to avoid
> one more migration later.

I'm OK with both variants, but (gnu services) seems more friendly for
sharing the code and as (gnu home services) doesn't look hard to migrate
with current amount of services in (gnu home-services).

> Let me know, which option seems better to you, I can take this task
> tomorrow.

I could try to join the migration on friday, or weekends.  Fill free to
delegate (gnu home-services XYZ) module migration to me here, or IRC.


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