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Re: Preservation of Guix Report

From: Timothy Sample
Subject: Re: Preservation of Guix Report
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2021 22:04:15 -0400
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Hi again,

Rereading this a few hours later, I found an error.

Timothy Sample <> writes:

> It’s surprising to me that SWH is not already getting these from
> “sources.json”.  I picked an arbitrary one, “rust-quote-0.6”, and it’s
> simply not in “sources.json”.

It is in fact there!  I made a mistake while grepping.

In the database, there’s “rust-quote-0.6@0.6.12” and
“rust-quote-0.6@0.6.13”.  The SWH archive has version 0.6.13, but not
0.6.12.  Looking back, 0.6.13 was released in July 2019, so maybe 0.6.12
predates “sources.json”?

AFAIK, we have no way of getting 0.6.12 into the SWH archive.  There’s
been some talk of making historical “sources.json” files....  I imagine
this is one of many little things to work out.

-- Tim

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