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Building hexyl (a rust app) without cargo, with antioxidant-build-system

From: Maxime Devos
Subject: Building hexyl (a rust app) without cargo, with antioxidant-build-system
Date: Sat, 02 Apr 2022 17:18:55 +0200
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antioxidant-build-system can now be used for some ‘real’ software -- it
compiles 'hexyl'.  To test, download
<> (commit:
d09fd93750ac6d77e0c85623286b45cf5c3b055b) and run
"guix build -L . -f guix.scm" and then

$ cat guix.scm | /gnu/store/[...]-hexyl-0.8.0/bin/hexyl
> lots of coloured hex output

Some features of antioxidant-build-system:

  * no copying source code of dependencies
  * no compiling dependencies again -- old artifacts are reused
  * all dependencies use the usual package input system
    (native-inputs, inputs, propagated-inputs)


  * no support for linking to arbitrary shared libraries yet
    (only rust deps)
  * makes a few assumptions on the source layout (can be fixed
    by using more info from Cargo.toml)
  * no tests
  * no cross-compilation yet
  * no shared libraries (just replacing 'rlib' by 'dylib' causes problems)
  * code is a bit messy
  * no cdylib yet (probably needed for librsvg)


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