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From: Zhu Zihao
Subject: Re:
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2022 23:39:07 +0800
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Joshua Branson <> writes:

> +The vision of the GNU Guix project is to replace proprietary software with
> +freedom respecting software.  We hope to create a general purpose and
> +extensible operating system that works well accross embedded environments to
> +extremely powerful server setups.  When this vision is complete (it may never
> +be complete, that's why it is a vision!) all software will be free software.

IMO, replacing proprietary software with libre software should be the
vision of the whole GNU project. 

Maybe we can change it to "The vision of the GNU Guix project is
providing a reliable and convenient way for people to use, distribute,
develop libre software."

Other parts LGTM :)
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