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Re: Status of KDE Plasma

From: Anthony Wang
Subject: Re: Status of KDE Plasma
Date: Sun, 01 May 2022 21:13:35 +0000

> referring back to the wiki discussion, this is a good example for the
> kind of information that should be sitting on the KDE wiki page of
> Guix. probably along a short summary of its status, and a list of
> developers who expressed interest in working on packaging KDE.

> such a page would greatly facilitate the cooperation/effectiveness of
> the interested parties. the ability to cheaply and dynamically spawn
> a sub-mailing-list/comment-thread for such sub-projects would be icing
> on the cake.

I definitely agree that having a single place to coordinate all these efforts 
would be very beneficial since it seems to be currently spread out all over the 

I also found the wip-kde-plasma branch in the Guix Git repository has some made 
some progress too. However, this branch has not been committed to in more than 
a year and only supports KDE 5.19.

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