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Re: Hardened toolchain

From: Maxime Devos
Subject: Re: Hardened toolchain
Date: Mon, 02 May 2022 18:25:43 +0200
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zimoun schreef op vr 29-04-2022 om 12:31 [+0200]:
> > Stack smashing protection (SSP) may incur measurable run-time
> > overhead
> > though so enabling that one by default may be less consensual.
> That’s true and it could be an issue for HPC practitioners.  [...]

I'm not sure if this wasn't already mentioned, but HPC practicioners
can already use --tune.  Maybe HPC practicioners can have --without-
hardening.  However, in the computing I do that needs to be high
performance (*), it seems that the expensive computations are matrix
multiplications, eigenvector decompositions and the like.  I wouldn't
expect those kind of things to be hindered by hardening.

(*) In my case, this is not about supercomputers or computer clusters,
but about having software run fast enough on the hardware that is
available.  In some situations, that's a fancy supercomputer, but often
a simple laptop can do ... if the software is sufficiently optimised.


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