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Re: Mumi, public-inbox and tools

From: Arun Isaac
Subject: Re: Mumi, public-inbox and tools
Date: Tue, 03 May 2022 23:20:09 +0530

Hi zimoun,

> WDYT?  What is missing to bridge the current features of Mumi via

mumi indexes the full text and selected headers (the date, for example)
of every email it receives. But, I don't know if it indexes the
Message-ID header. If it does, then referring to emails by their
Message-ID and retrieving all emails of a bug report should be easy to
implement. If not, we'll just have to patch mumi to index the
Message-ID. More work, but still very much doable.

> of public-inbox via and the piem glue?

I haven't thought carefully about public-inbox integration. But, if we
can do everything in mumi, do we need public-inbox at all?

But, of course, no harm implementing public-inbox integration as an
optional add-on for those who prefer it.

> It could be nice to:
>  1. run “guix issues 12345” and get back something ready (as mbox or
>  maildir) to go to a mail reader, or pipe to Git maybe.



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