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public-inbox v1.7 update (was: Updating mumi on berlin)

From: Kyle Meyer
Subject: public-inbox v1.7 update (was: Updating mumi on berlin)
Date: Thu, 05 May 2022 22:24:49 -0400

zimoun writes:

> …why not just disable the specific test or if not possible, turn off the
> test suite ’#:tests? #f’.  Whereas it is not the best, it would allow to
> have ’lei’ while waiting the fix at the Guix build environment level.

public-inbox has a good test suite, so it'd be nice to keep most of it
wired up.  No objections from me about disabling the lei tests (or a
subset of them), though I haven't looked into it, so perhaps it's tricky
to do cleanly.

>> $ guix shell -p path/to/profile -- lei up --all
> How do you query all new ones for a specific list?

Rather than pass --all, you can call `lei up OUTPUT', where OUTPUT is a
particular saved search generated by `lei q', so you could have a saved
search that's specific for a list or set of lists:

   $ lei ls-external | grep guix
   /home/kyle/inboxes/guix-bugs boost=0
   /home/kyle/inboxes/guix-devel boost=0
   /home/kyle/inboxes/guix-patches boost=0
   /home/kyle/inboxes/guix-science boost=0
   /home/kyle/inboxes/guix-user boost=0

   $ lei q -I 'guix-*' -o /tmp/zimoun-on-guix d:20.days.ago.. f:zimoun
   $ lei up /tmp/zimoun-on-guix

See and

> Kyle, the function ’piem-inject-thread-into-maildir’ [2] is really
> handy.  But I would like this signature instead:
> --8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
>   (defun piem-inject-thread-into-maildir (mid &optional inbox message-only)
> --8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---
> [...]

Without thinking too much about it, that sounds fine to me.  I'll plan
to send a patch to piem's inbox with you cc'd within the next week or

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