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Re: public-inbox v1.7 update (was: Updating mumi on berlin)

From: zimoun
Subject: Re: public-inbox v1.7 update (was: Updating mumi on berlin)
Date: Fri, 06 May 2022 09:37:17 +0200

Hi Kyle,

Thanks for the answer.

On Thu, 05 May 2022 at 22:24, Kyle Meyer <> wrote:
> zimoun writes:

>> How do you query all new ones for a specific list?
> Rather than pass --all, you can call `lei up OUTPUT', where OUTPUT is a
> particular saved search generated by `lei q', so you could have a saved
> search that's specific for a list or set of lists:
>    $ lei ls-external | grep guix
>    /home/kyle/inboxes/guix-bugs boost=0
>    /home/kyle/inboxes/guix-devel boost=0
>    /home/kyle/inboxes/guix-patches boost=0
>    /home/kyle/inboxes/guix-science boost=0
>    /home/kyle/inboxes/guix-user boost=0
>    $ lei q -I 'guix-*' -o /tmp/zimoun-on-guix d:20.days.ago.. f:zimoun
>    $ lei up /tmp/zimoun-on-guix
> See and

For people considering the volume of the lists too much, the “saved
search” is a perfect mechanism.  For instance, it is a nice improvement
to follow guix-patches, IMHO.

However, considering guix-science, for example, the volume is not too
high, and the “saved search” would be: all the messages.

Using the public-inbox Git repo, I just run “guix fetch”, and somehow
the commits in the range master..origin/master are all the new ones.
I can convert them to maildir or whatever.

Well, using the plain Git repo, it is easy to:

 1. get messages from a list starting at a date;
    using ’git clone --mirror --shallow-since=’

 2. get all the new messages;
    (using ’git pull)

Git becoming the way to transport the information.

However, I have to choose the storage format (Git vs Maildir) to avoid
unnecessary duplication on my poor laptop.  I use Maildir because I can
easily index and search (notmuch) and read (emacs) locally; by locally,
I mean when I am offline.  Therefore, I have to run “git gc” and prune
already imported messages.

IIUC, ’lei’ avoid this manual dance with the Git repo and do it for me.

Well, what I miss is the lei “saved search” query for all messages.
Other said,

    lei q d:<starting-date>..
    lei up

fits #1.  Then, how do I achieve #2?

The workflow using “saved search” is not clear for me.  Before investing
some time, especially when ’lei’ is not packaged in Guix, I would like
to be sure about how to run «my workflow».


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