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Re: Setting environment variables in a profile

From: Maxime Devos
Subject: Re: Setting environment variables in a profile
Date: Thu, 19 May 2022 22:34:46 +0200
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Théo Maxime Tyburn schreef op do 19-05-2022 om 21:43 [+0200]:
>            (files '("/home/teddd/..."
>                   "/home/teddd/..."
>                   "/home/teddd/...")))

This will do 
where $GUIX_ENVIRONMENT is something like 
which I don't think is what you want here.  Additionally, most likely 
/home/tedd does
not exist in the profile, so they will be ignored and PYTHONPATH won't be set.

> Another problem I would have with this method is that the last environment
> variable I want to set (BLENDER_OPTIONS) is not even a path. I am not
> sure it is possible to sepcify a file-type to be "just a string".
> Anyway I think this seems to be the wrong approach.
> How would you approach this?

I don't think this is currently supported, but I suppose it would be
possible to extend guix/profiles.scm and <manifest> to support this.
Maybe an API like:

contents of manifest.scm:
    (packages->manifest (list python3 blender ...))
    (environment-variables ; <-- new field
      (list (extend-search-path ; <--- new procedure
              (search-path [...] "PYTHONPATH" [...])
            (with-environment-variable "BLENDER_USER_CONFIG" "...") ; <-- new 

WDYT of this API?


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