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Re: Arun Isaac Presentation on guix-forge this Saturday

From: Arun Isaac
Subject: Re: Arun Isaac Presentation on guix-forge this Saturday
Date: Thu, 26 May 2022 12:58:47 +0530

Hi Olivier,

> Tell me, does Laminar check for channels update like cuirass?  The main
> feature I like about cuirass is that if any dependencies of a package is
> updated, it will rebuild my package.  If it does support that, I will
> seriously consider switching to guix-forge for my project.

Short answer: No, laminar/guix-forge don't rerun CI jobs when package
dependencies change.

Long answer:

It should be possible to configure laminar to do something like that.

Laminar has a very minimalist Unix-philosophy design and does not even
automatically trigger CI jobs on git commits. The user has to manually
set up a post-receive hook in the git repository that runs `laminarc
queue <job-name>'. guix-forge automatically handles this post-receive
hook setup for you. So, though I don't immediately see how to do it, it
should be possible to set up something that runs `laminarc queue
<job-name>' on dependency changes.

Laminar stands out from other CI systems in that it is not a monolith
and is very easy to interface with external tools. So, I was able to
write up Guix system configuration to do it. But, if Cuirass can provide
smoother integration with Guix, I'm more than happy to switch. The main
blocker is the postgres database.


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