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Re: Cuirass and SQL

From: Blake Shaw
Subject: Re: Cuirass and SQL
Date: Sat, 28 May 2022 14:28:08 +0700

For any cuirass-curious readers, I want to say I deployed it on Linode a week ago and its been one of the most "just works" out-of-the-box tools in the guix arsenal that I've encountered. It was really easy and painless to get going, and makes "pinning" milestone system & profile generations a breeze so that you always have substitutes available for them. This has sped up my guix workflow tremendously, as I'm able to just commit push, branch off, try other ideas, push, review past results and keep moving, instead of getting distracted by checking the news or what have you.

 The remote-server sometimes stops allocating builds to workers though, but I just restart the server and its fine.

Feels like proper boutique gear, too ;)

On Fri, May 27, 2022, 16:41 zimoun <> wrote:

On jeu., 26 mai 2022 at 00:24, Arun Isaac <> wrote:

>> Quick question about guix-forge.  Why laminar instead of cuirass as
>> the CI?
> Two reasons:
> - Cuirass requires a PostgreSQL database, but I wanted guix-forge to be
>   as stateless as possible and definitely not require a complex database
>   server like PostgreSQL. Laminar just uses sqlite.

Initially, Cuirass was using SQLite but then switched [1] to
PostgreSQL.  The main reason is scalability.

I do not know if it is a technically doable to have two SQL backends and
let the user pick the one they prefer.  For sure, it is not doable from
a maintenance point of view.

About the complexity of PostgreSQL, I think the Guix services [2,3] help here.

1: <>
2: <>
3: <>


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