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Re: Arun Isaac Presentation on guix-forge this Saturday

From: Arun Isaac
Subject: Re: Arun Isaac Presentation on guix-forge this Saturday
Date: Tue, 31 May 2022 00:32:33 +0530

Hi Ludo,

> This is really nice.  I like the idea of having easy deployment through
> a Guix service, and of composing existing tools.  (It’d even be worth a
> blog post, hint hint ;-))

He he, I'm getting the hint! ;-) Maybe, I'll write a blog post when
guix-forge is a little bit more featureful! :-)

> I wonder if there could be a more Guiley flavor of guix-forge, for
> instance with Gitile instead of Cgit

I have added gitile, klaus and other git web viewers to my agenda. I'm
sure everyone will have their favorite git web viewer. So, it'll be good
to cater to a wider range of tastes. Besides, it's really easy to
support multiple read-only git web viewers. Patches welcome! ;-)

Also, I'm thinking parts of guix-forge can be gradually merged into Guix
itself. The webhook-service-type in guix-forge is already a good
candidate with wider use cases than just guix-forge.

> mumi instead of public-inbox (though these two are not quite
> equivalent).

Mumi is tricky to deploy since it is not standalone and requires being
on a special IP allowlist with the Debbugs GNU servers. If mumi could be
augmented to not need a Debbugs server at all, then it would become much
more attractive.

> Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for inventing Guix and making guix-forge inevitable! :-)


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