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Re: Cuirass and SQL

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: Cuirass and SQL
Date: Wed, 01 Jun 2022 18:24:28 +0200
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Arun Isaac <> skribis:

>> Years before, Hydra ( also dropped its SQLite
>> backend in favor of PostgreSQL only.
>> Like you, not being a database person, I liked that SQLite was easy to
>> deploy and had a clear model: it just touches this one file and that’s
>> it.
> Exactly! :-)
> If we use guile-dbi, it should be possible to support both sqlite and
> postgresql. Popular projects like Nextcloud do allow the user to choose
> their preferred database system. But, then again, Cuirass is built for
> very large scale. So, perhaps it is best to not try and also cover the
> small scale end.

That too was my understanding some years ago.  :-)

But then I discovered that in practice, you optimize for a specific
DBMS.  The way you’d optimize a Postgres or an SQLite database for your
application can be quite different.  An abstraction wouldn’t let you do

> Scale may not be an issue at least for the CI. Unlike Guix which needs
> to rebuild the entire world of software, most other software are only
> going to have a handful of jobs---easily less than 5 or less than 10 in
> the worst case. So, even if we trigger all these jobs on every commit,
> the total number of runs will easily be manageable with sqlite.

Yes, could be!


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