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Re: proposal: address@hidden list/alias

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: proposal: address@hidden list/alias
Date: Thu, 02 Jun 2022 09:54:46 +0200
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zimoun <> writes:

> Ah sorry, I overcomplicate the discussion. :-)

Hah, no worries!  It’s worth discussing this before we implement a
workflow that ends up being *more* confusing than the status quo.

> To me, it could be nice to have a tiny script (or Guix extension or
> subcommand), maybe in etc/ which simplifies the workflow; something
> similar to ’etc/committer.scm’.
> The workflow would be:
>         $ edit code
>         $ git commit
>         $ etc/mentoring.scm
> where etc/mentoring would generate the patch(es), add X-Debbugs-CC and
> send; assuming a correct ~/.gitconfig.  And maybe this script could
> provide a simple hint for configuring git-send-email.
> Even, we could imagine that this tiny script would hint the user to run
> “guix lint” or “guix style” before pressing yes at the send step.

All good ideas, though I think setting up “git send-email” is a pretty
big problem for many people — myself included!  Would be nice if that
could be simplified, too.

> From my experience, the most confusing is the “wait from Debbugs ID”
> part, i.e., check your inbox or spam.  And I do not know how it could be
> simplified.

Yes, on top of that comes the gray-listing, which increases the waiting

Perhaps… we shouldn’t use Debbugs directly.  I have a couple of
annoyances with Debbugs, including the fact that we cannot configure the
contents of the emails it sends out.  Maybe it is time to implement a
friendlier email-based frontend…


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