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Re: Mummi wishlist: API using Message-ID

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: Mummi wishlist: API using Message-ID
Date: Sun, 05 Jun 2022 00:12:31 +0200
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Ricardo Wurmus <> writes:

> zimoun <> writes:
>> For example <>.  The number #16 is
>> really difficult to guess. :-)
>> Instead, it is easy to get the Message-ID.  (Using emacs-notmuch, only
>> hit the key ’ci’) Therefore, it could be nice to be able to provide
>> e.g., the URL:
>> <>
>> redirecting to <>.  And maybe the
>> current webpage could provide the Message-ID, easy to copy and then
>> paste in my email reader.
> This is now implemented in mumi.
> Once delpoyed to you can visit
> and it would redirect to  It doesn’t
> yet jump to the correct message number, but that’s easy to implement.
> (I only had time for one little hack.)

Mumi commit 9b28ec7d152623692877bcb767e5c654e59e57ed adds an anchor for
the message id and redirects /msgid URLs to issue URL + message id


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