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Re: On commit access, patch review, and remaining healthy

From: Arun Isaac
Subject: Re: On commit access, patch review, and remaining healthy
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2022 01:25:48 +0530

Hi Ludo,

> I can think of two ways to reassure committers:
>   1. By having clear reviewer check lists (you’d do that if you tick all
>      the boxes, you’re fine);
>   2. By improving automation—nothing new here: if there was a tick that
>      says “applies without merge conflicts” and another one that read
>      “builds fine”, anyone could lightheartedly hit the “merge” button.
> #2 is going to take time I’m afraid, but at least #1 is actionable
> (‘guix lint’ should help, too).
> WDYT?  Are there other possibilities that come to mind?

Nothing very specific comes to mind immediately. When I do have specific
ideas, I'll be sure to write to guix-devel about them.

I'm largely happy with the direction the Guix community is headed with
teams, mentors and better tooling. So, at this point, it will be good to
progressively experiment with these ideas and see where it leads.


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