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Re: Teams

From: Blake Shaw
Subject: Re: Teams
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2022 01:52:24 +0700

I think I could join the Home team as well, at least for now, as I started using it a month ago and have been having a blast. I also have some home-services to upstream after a bit of polish (Guile EDSL for Herbstluftwm configuration if anyone is interested), and some plans to work on the documentation.

I found the documentation to be a bit confusing (understandably, as its new), but once the workflow snapped together its been amazing to see how easy it is to create new services. And I now I have my entire desktop environment contained in a single text file! Being able to ftp a text file to a fresh Debian linode and get to work with all my tools ready within 10 minutes has been magic.

It also demonstrates a lot of Guile's strengths in one place: you can easily wrap interfaces in Guile, and the expressive power it adds (at least in the case of a window manager) is immediately evident.

Very excited about it, great work :)

On Tue, Jun 14, 2022, 18:31 Andrew Tropin <> wrote:
On 2022-06-05 10:19, Josselin Poiret wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> Ricardo Wurmus <> writes:
>> As a first step I’d suggest collecting teams, setting up the email
>> aliases, and updating the website to show the existing teams.
> I think an installer team would be good too (which I would gladly join).
> WDYT of the following teams:
> * Installer (which I'd gladly join);
> * System;
> * Home;
> * Internals?
> Maybe that would add too many teams, but I think the first three could
> be pretty useful.
> How do we automatically make Mumi understand which team a patch should
> notify?  I've just started using public-inbox/lei and the `dfn:` search
> term is pretty useful, it lets you select only patches that change
> specific files.  For example, `dfn:gnu/installer*` would match all
> patches that touch the installer.
> Best,

I'm not in a guix-maintainers yet, but I would like to join Home team.

Best regards,
Andrew Tropin

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