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Re: FSDG-compatibility of APSL-2.0

From: Philip McGrath
Subject: Re: FSDG-compatibility of APSL-2.0
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2022 18:02:21 -0400


On Thursday, June 16, 2022 3:43:39 AM EDT Liliana Marie Prikler wrote:
> Hi Philip,
> Am Donnerstag, dem 16.06.2022 um 02:21 -0400 schrieb Philip McGrath:
> > Hi Guix,
> > 
> > Is the Apple Public Source License 2.0 (APSL-2.0 [1]) a free license
> > according to Guix's standards?
> While it isn't included in the free licenses list the FSF publishes,
> from your note [6] I would guess that it is a GPL-incompatible free
> software license.

In fact, it is on the list at 

> Apple Public Source License (APSL), version 2 (#apsl2)
>     This is a free software license, incompatible with the GNU GPL. We
>     recommend that you not use this license for new software that you
>     write, but it is ok to use and improve the software released under this
>     license.

I don't want to speak for Maxime, but AIUI the question was whether Guix ought 
to continue to accept all licenses on that list, or instead ought adopt some 
different (more stringent?) license policy.


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