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Re: Release v1.4?

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: Release v1.4?
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2022 17:31:33 +0200
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Josselin Poiret <> skribis:

> I'm not sure, it does seem like a fraction of people use it on IRC but
> then again it's more likely that Wayland users would talk about it, X
> being the default.  If there are no outstanding bugs with Wayland Gnome
> though, I think it'd be a better choice: no tearing in the default
> configuration, and better designed.  GUI Toolkits seem to have adapted
> pretty well, and we still have XWayland for the rest.  The most glaring
> non-Wayland app would be Emacs, but emacs-next-pgtk is fully
> Wayland-native.

So plain ‘emacs’ package doesn’t work on Wayland?  That sounds like a
recipe for a poor user experience, no?

(FWIW folks like me who use exwm, ratpoison, or one of these geeky
tiling window managers probably can’t switch.)

> For me the #1 reason though is onboarding experience: take a user of
> another distro that uses their favorite Wayland compositor, and wants to
> try out Guix.  They install it through the Guix installer, and don't
> understand (yet) how to read the whole documentation and write their own
> config file fully.  They add sway to their system packages, reconfigure,
> but next reboot GDM doesn't show Sway in the available sessions; they then
> decide it's not worth their time and go back to their old distro.  This
> default change would make sure that it Just Works Out of The Box™ on
> first install.

Yeah, understood.  (I think we should have a section in the manual
documenting, with actual examples, how to set up Wayland!)

Surely there’s a geek audience who expects Wayland, and another geek
audience who needs X for their tools; in between, there’s probably a lot
of people who’s fine either way.

I have no objection to defaulting to Wayland, but my gut feeling is that
we have enough on our plate for 1.4 already, so I’d rather delay that



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