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Re: how to write services

From: Maxime Devos
Subject: Re: how to write services
Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2022 14:23:27 +0200
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indieterminacy schreef op za 18-06-2022 om 13:53 [+0200]:
> Additionally, based upon a decent demonstration on LMDB, I realised that 
> my annotation system makes it more feasible to adapt documents into LDIF 
> database-like-files (is that the correct terminology Maxime?) - 
> potentially turning each document into an LDAP ready database.

If your asking me, I don't know.  What's LDAP doing here?  Isn't LDAP
about authenticating users, which doesn't seem relevant to the
documentation effort?  If this is about databases: is the exact
database format relevant, or would any do -- e.g., Guix uses SQLite in
some places, will SQLite do?

And the text above seems about databases and RDF, but there appear to
be missing some things:

  * what's the RDF and database for?  As I understand it, it's for
    something about documentation and terminology, but currently it's
    super vague.

  * what stuff goes in the RDF and database, and what documents are you
    speaking of?  The Guix manual?  All the package definitions, to use
    them as examples?  The mails in the ML?  Manually written things?
    Likewise, how is this database written or generated?

  * How will this RDF be used?  I mean, RDF can be flexible (see e.g.
    Wikidata), but someone has to actually write some applications that
    make use of the information, otherwise the fancy RDF is useless.

  * How is the RDF an improvement on the TeXinfo documentation?
    I guess I'm missing something important here, but I prefer reading
    TeXinfo documentation over RDF.


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