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Re: Set FORCE_SOURCE_DATE=1 by default

From: Maxim Cournoyer
Subject: Re: Set FORCE_SOURCE_DATE=1 by default
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2022 12:44:50 -0400
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Hi Vagrant,


>> Perhaps to show our stand here we could patch our copy of pdftex with
>> 's/FORCE_SOURCE_DATE/SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH/', lest we end up with a grocery
>> list of *SOURCE_DATE* variable variants.
> Sure, with some technical details fixed up, as I think they are
> functionally different, in that FORCE_SOURCE_DATE is a boolean, and
> SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH is an integer, though ... Guix sets
> SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH=1 ... so it might just work by dumb luck! Though There
> may be some rare packages that need SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH to be some larger
> value...  "It can't possibly be 1970, this program was first written in
> 2002, there must be some error, failing build..."
> At any rate, if diverging from upstream Tex Live is how Guix wants to
> handle this, I'm all for it!

Seems we have a small consensus here (Ludo, you and myself); would you
like to give it a try?



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