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Re: Dealing with upstream issues

From: Maxime Devos
Subject: Re: Dealing with upstream issues
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2022 18:47:27 +0200
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zimoun schreef op di 28-06-2022 om 18:21 [+0200]:
> And… as I wrote [1]:
>         I agree; we cannot fix the world. ;-) In the case of patch#55541, the
>         issues of cross-compilation can be reported directly to upstream and
>         another Debbugs number could be open.
> 1: <">>
> The bug is not ignored, to the contrary.

It is -- where's the bug report upstream or a fix?

> But it is not a blocker for patch inclusion and so patch#55541 can be closed.

It is a blocker -- as previousy mentioned, upstream doesn't even know
about the bug.

> You are free, as the reviewer, to open a report for Guix pointing the
> issue of cross-compilation of ’azpainter’;

As mentioned previously, that is not reviewing, and I don't have time
to fix the world.  I have other things to do than only acting on guix-
patches@.  Also, as mentioned previously, can't a reviewer do a partial
review?  Why the insistence on the reviewer -- isn't making a proper
patch the submitter's job, not the reviewer's?

> Well, you and me spend more time in discussing that than in just
> reporting the issue. ;-)

Yes, but if I just give in and report the issue after other insist I do
it, then I create the expectation that I'll just do everything.  I
refuse, I insist on being allowed to quit doing something and start
doing other things.

(So TBC, I won't be doing that.)

> Ultimately, nothing is perfect and people are doing their best with
> their resource at hand; at least, I do my best with the resource at
> my hands.  I would be more than happy if more people would try to
> sort, classify or fix the old bugs.  Maybe, you will join the effort
> ?

I would have more time for that if we refused patches with issues like
this one and did not insist on letting the reviewer do the submittter's


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