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Re: emacs-jedi package bug missing crucial python server file

From: jgart
Subject: Re: emacs-jedi package bug missing crucial python server file
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2022 21:13:31 -0500

On Wed, 22 Jun 2022 12:14:10 +0300 Munyoki Kilyungi <> 
> but do you have all your Emacs configs in Guix?  

I get my emacs plugin dependencies with guix but I write my config in elisp:

Not sure how I feel yet about quoting elisp code in guile code. On first
thought it seems like a nice party trick but not as nice to work with
in the day to day when you just need to get the elisp code to work and
to extend emacs. If I could write guile directly to confgure emacs that
would be simpler, I think. Also, one less level of abstracting if you
need to debug the elisp code quoted in your guile code but maybe there
is a way around that?...

The above emacs config is bound to change. It's just what I'm using on this
particular thinkpad that I'm writing this email from at the moment. Mind
the funny spacing of the code. That said, I'm hoping to keep my .emacs
to a minimum number of lines for now. Just exploring that for now and
really milking `execute-extended-command` for all it's worth, which I
have bound to space d, btw.

Emacs packages to note in the above config:

$ guix install emacs-corfu-terminal emacs-corfu-doc-terminal

I'm mostly using emacs-no-x (terminal only).

I'm not using guix-home yet. It fails to build my config on void linux
with some arcane error I haven't had the time to properly debug yet/get
help with ;)

> Also, how does your python set-up look like in Guix/Emacs?

I mostly have been using eglot without any configuration. I just run
M-x eglot and use it with python-lsp-server or jedi-language-server.

I haven't explored the emacs-jedi package much that I sent an update for in
this thread ;) It's on my TODO list.

If you want to read my favourite guix-home managed config out in the wild
that I've found, I highly recommend unmatched-parens' config:

I appreciate the minimalism and simplicity of the way paren has set up
their dots with guix-home. It's very clear how to copy it and take it
for your own purposes.

happy hacking,


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