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Re: RISCV porting effort

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: RISCV porting effort
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2022 14:01:19 +0200
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Efraim Flashner <> skribis:

> (ins)efraim@3900XT ~/workspace/guix$ time ./pre-inst-env guix weather -s 
> riscv64-linux --substitute-urls="http://localhost:3000"; -c100
> computing 15,205 package derivations for riscv64-linux...
> looking for 15,948 store items on http://localhost:3000...
> http://localhost:3000
>   14.3% substitutes available (2,274 out of 15,948)

Not bad!

Was it all built on a HiFive, or through emulated builds?

> Some notes:
> * rust is definitely TODO
> * GHC shouldn't be there on the list.
> * gccgo should replace go@1.4. Currently I can't use gccgo@10 to build
>   go@1.16.15, 1.17.9 or 1.17.11 on riscv64. gccgo@10 works for
>   go@1.16.15 and 1.17.11.
> * postgresql@13.6 I think is missing a patch currently
> * libunwind isn't supported until 1.6.*
> * valgrind isn't supported
> * classpath@0.93 is the java bootstrap path
> * openlibm, tbb and libunwind-julia are for julia
> * node@10 doesn't (yet) recognize riscv64
> After that I don't remember offhand. I'm not sure I've tried yet to
> build anything after ~170 so those can be ignored.

My guess is that upstream doesn’t go much further than you did, so
thumbs up!


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