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Re: Strategy for Zig packages

From: mcsinyx
Subject: Re: Strategy for Zig packages
Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2022 14:21:19 +0900

On Mon Aug 1, 2022 at 10:43 PM +0200, Mája Tomášek wrote:
> More realistic (imo) is that zig should be encouraged to build
> dynamically linked packages, not static ones, and allow the ability
> (with their future package manager) for the distribution to distribute
> it's libraries C-style.

Technically this is not always possible since Zig relies
on compile-time execution for generic.

> If there's a newer version required, it should
> be up to the distribution mantainers to fix that.

Zig source files could be handled in the same manner as C headers
however, and be used as native inputs, so downstream can still
update a library for all dependees at once.

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