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Re: Welcome to our new committer!

From: Andrew Tropin
Subject: Re: Welcome to our new committer!
Date: Fri, 05 Aug 2022 19:45:43 +0300

On 2022-08-05 18:59, Efraim Flashner wrote:

> The Guix Maintainer Collective (tm) would like to welcome Andrew Tropin,
> aka abcdw, as our newest committer! I'm sure many of you recognize them
> from their work on Guix Home and their regular videos hacking on Guix,
> among other things.
> So join us in welcoming them!

Hi everyone!

You can obtain my GPG key with:
gpg --locate-keys

Or from savannah:

Don't hesitate to CC me to interesting threads or ping me once in a

Have a good weekend, see you in a bit! :)

Best regards,
Andrew Tropin

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