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Tempel snippets

From: Nicolas Graves
Subject: Tempel snippets
Date: Sun, 07 Aug 2022 01:53:24 +0200

Hi guix!

I'm translating the snippets used in the snippets dir so that we can
provide an alternative (here tempel) for snippets in the Perfect Setup.
I have two practical questions about where to put that code.

1) For reproducible development purposes (e.g. rde), it would
be great to have snippets shipped with guix itself (the snippets
directory is not in the store of the guix package), or alternatively in
a package, instead of in a possibly moving directory. WDYT? Which
alternative is the best?

2) Where should I add tempel-ready snippets? The etc/snippets dir can't
be used directly because it's the one used by yasnippet. Or in the
option of packages, I can rather make one.

3) I'll send a first series with basic working templates, but in the
process have seen that there may be some refactoring / snippets
improvements, but I'm not yet emacs-fluent enough to get that done
easily. Will probably send a mail with the series with some ideas for
refactoring and where I'm stuck. Also I think that we can add a snippet
for license: completion, include an alternative snippet for copyright
(since we must be at the right spot to insert anyway), and have an
option to compute base32 hash during template completion (if possible,
I'll see what I can do).

Best regards,
Nicolas Graves

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