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Re: Translating news on weblate?

From: pelzflorian (Florian Pelz)
Subject: Re: Translating news on weblate?
Date: Sun, 07 Aug 2022 12:56:35 +0200
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Hi Julien; sorry for the late answer.

Julien Lepiller <> writes:
> I was thinking we could have our news file translated at weblate, which
> would help having more people translate it. Attached is a script that[…]

Translating etc/news.scm via Weblate adds delay but reaches more
translators.  Now delay is not so important when reading old news from
--list-generations or when one hasn’t upgraded in a while, but I would
prefer if those who make news, continue to request translations on some
mailing list (I forgot the name of the list alias; where is it?).  Even
though I was too slow to react to such mail in the past, I think I can

Also, Weblate has lazy commits
i.e., it only commits new changes to your (Julien’s) repository after a
while, which adds slightly more delay when it comes to news, unless the
uploader or a news download script logs in and uses the Web API’s File
Download button.  Or maybe the hypothetical Fedora Weblate component for
Guix news can be configured to push changes to your repo right away.

Thank you Julien for your maintenance of translations!  There’s not much
to say about your nice script.


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