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Re: Cabal mismatch in ghc-lucid; long-term archiving Haskell?

From: Lars-Dominik Braun
Subject: Re: Cabal mismatch in ghc-lucid; long-term archiving Haskell?
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2022 18:47:50 +0200

Hi zimoun,

> Is it a manual in-place replacement?  Or is it an automatic in-place
> update by Hackage infrastructure?  Or do I miss a point?
> In all cases, these revised Cabal files are not archived elsewhere than
> in Hackage, right?  The question is thus, where could we archive them?
> Note that the both items have the same store-address hash
> (/gnu/store/rj33x41i86vgw6c0iwffzwrgzrib1shb-ghc-lucid-
> but not the same content hash.
fear not, this is a mistake on our side – mine in particular. `git
blame` indicates the package was updated in my last big Haskell bump as
commit b97f549b14402421fcfb360ddd4cff7de93b9af0. And while I updated the
version number, I did not touch #:cabal-revision, which is obviously a
mistake. Unfortunately we chose to encode this information into arguments
and not the version and so this happens (alot), because – alas –
`guix refresh` touches the version only, but not #:cabal-revision.

As for Haskell/Hackage/Stackage: All of their .cabal files are versioned
and never overwritten. I think they also keep them permanently.


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