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usage of basu as requirement for sd-bus

From: muradm
Subject: usage of basu as requirement for sd-bus
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2022 10:59:31 +0300
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basu is sd-bus library extracted from systemd.

Currently, there are two packages depending on it,
which are mako and grimshot.

I suggest switching xdg-desktop-portal-wlr to basu.

In very same issue, Maxime asks to discuss switching
_all_ dependents of elogind to basu.

[1] Some elogind dependents, like wireplumber, as per
code depends on sd-login.h also in module-logind.c.
While I have wireplumber-without-elogind locally,
I don't propose switching it basu, because someone
may want module-logind.c to work.

[2] Currently there are 1461 packages depend on elogind.
First, all of them should be analyzed if they do use
sd-bus only, those can be switched to basu. Then
those using more than sd-bus should be analyzed if
elogind is missing would their functionality be hurt.

Because of [1] and [2], I find it not feasible/not
possible to blindly switch _all_ dependents from
elogind to basu.

Do I miss anything else here?

Thanks in advance,

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