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Re: Status of hibernation (suspend to disk) in Guix

From: Mekeor Melire
Subject: Re: Status of hibernation (suspend to disk) in Guix
Date: Fri, 09 Dec 2022 20:52:00 +0000

2022-12-02 21:32

> Ivan Vilata i Balaguer 写道:

> > But then I wonder if I may have rushed to post the patch, as I don't
> > know whether hibernation is supposed to be more or less mature or
> > supported in Guix (we may not want to encourage people to use a
> > feature which may easily cause data loss)… Though it works quite
> > well for me!
> OTOH, I deliberately hadn't documented ‘resume=’ so far.
> OTOH, I have been hibernating multiple times a day for years now, only
> ever rebooting my laptop for kernel updates.
> So the feature is probably safe, and we should probably consider it
> supported at this point. Thanks for bringing it up!
> > So the TL;DR would be: Is it worth adding such documentation, given
> > the current state of hibernation support in Guix?
> I think documenting the current status quo in time for 1.4.0 is a good
> idea.
> The next step is to automate things so ‘resume=’ becomes optional.
> This should have landed already, but hasn't for personal reasons. The
> code is basically ready, but won't be in the release.

Thanks for making hibernation work and for bringing that up. I have two

  1. Does hibernation work in case of swap-partition inside an
     luks-encrypted device?

  2. Does hibernation work in case of a swap-file inside a
     root-partition inside a luks-encrypted device?

Also, I'm not sure if it makes sense to mark the hibernation-feature
stable and finished if the mentioned two cases are not supported.

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