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Re: geiser and guix repl

From: Antonio Carlos Padoan Junior
Subject: Re: geiser and guix repl
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2022 12:39:27 +0100
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I figure out that the issue was indeed the colors.

I had an .guile file forcing it to use colors.

Antonio Carlos Padoan Junior <> writes:

> Hello,
> I'm facing some trouble using guix repl and geiser with company-mode
> enabled. Emacs is hanging. I saw in documentation that the issue is
> probably the regex used to parse the prompt.
> However, the default prompt regex looks fine. The only difference I
> noticed between a geiser's session working correctly (started from
> emacs) and guix's session (started from terminal + geiser-connect) is
> the prompt colors. Guix's guile repl prompt is colored. I'm wondering if
> colors are affecting the regex somehow.
> Anyone else is facing the same issue? Any clues to fix it? I would like
> to have company-mode working correctly.
> Best regards,

Antonio Carlos PADOAN JUNIOR
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