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Notes regarding Quality Assurance from yesterday at the Guix Days

From: Christopher Baines
Subject: Notes regarding Quality Assurance from yesterday at the Guix Days
Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2023 11:30:37 +0100
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Here are some rough notes from when I spoke about Quality Assurance,
plus the smaller discussion in the afternoon.

quality issues
 - making sure we know about problems
 - package reproducibility causing problems
 - packages not building in the future
 - quality of packages, how well they match up to that
 - availability of translations
 - documentation

what already exists?
 - the linters
 - the release process
 - patch review
   - QA frontpage
 - package reproducibility information
 - build information from
 - guix weather
 - weblate (translations)

things to talk about:
 - qa-frontpage overview (guix build coordinator, guix data service)
 - try and work out what the most important bugs/issues?
 - how to make changes, keep things up to date, patch review, how to do that 

In the smaller discussion, the areas of interest were:

 - Addressing the lack of translations in the qa-frontpage code
 - How to help out
 - Learning more about how current quality assurance related things work

The topics to continue thinking about were:

- Looking at the things in Guix that would help the Guix Data Service
- Adding RSS feed to the QA frontpage
- Look at moving the qa-frontpage, guix-build-coordinator, and
  nar-herder repositories to Savannah
- Time saving, how to make quality assurance things faster

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