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Making linux-libre@6.5 the default kernel

From: Ada Stevenson
Subject: Making linux-libre@6.5 the default kernel
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2023 11:05:40 +0000
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Hi Guix!

I saw that linux-libre@6.5 was merged upstream today - however, it hasn't been made the default yet.

I understand why that may be; the commit is quite new, and pushing new kernel versions on everyone is a pretty big thing. I just want to know what the timeline on this sort of thing is - when can we expect the new 6.5 kernel to become the default?

There is some pressure to do so - 6.4 is EOL, and I'm sure you've heard the news regarding the Linux maintainers and the pressures supporting older kernel versions. I think it's good idea to expedite the transition to the new stable kernel slightly.


Ada (adanksa) :)

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