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Cuirass 1.2.0 released

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Cuirass 1.2.0 released
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2023 17:42:27 +0100
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Hello Guix!

It’s a bit of a non-event since we’ve been packaging and using snapshots
of Cuirass all along, but nevertheless, I’m totally thrilled to announce
that Cuirass 1.2.0 is out!

Changes since 1.1.0 (excerpt from the ‘NEWS’ file):

  ** Core
  *** Require Fibers >= 1.1.0
  *** Require Guile >= 3.0.6
  *** Channels are always authenticated
  *** Use a database connection pool instead of a worker thread
  *** Now useless (cuirass watchdog) module has been removed
  *** (cuirass database) now uses records instead of alists for data types
  *** (cuirass base) rewritten as a set of actors
  *** ‘cuirass register’ limits the number of concurrent evaluations
  *** ‘cuirass register’ listens to ‘cuirass web’ on a “bridge” local socket
  *** Keep GC roots for derivations that are queued
  *** Register a GC root for “build products”
  *** Logging level can be controlled with ‘CUIRASS_LOGGING_LEVEL’ env. variable

  ** Database
  *** Allow specifications to be inactive

  ** Remote building
  *** Worker stops requesting work when disk space is too low
  *** Worker now asks for work as soon as it’s available
  *** (cuirass remote) provides a higher-level interface for messages
  *** ‘remote-worker’ and ‘remote-server’ are now a fiberized process
  *** ‘remote-worker’ defines distributes available cores among workers
  *** Fix memory corruption leading ‘remote-server’ to never reply
  *** New ‘--log-expiry’ option for ‘cuirass remote-server’
  *** Fix bug that would lead ‘remote-worker’ to wrongfully report failure
  *** ‘cuirass remote-worker’ periodically removes its own GC roots

  ** Web
  *** Add /admin/specification/deactivate endpoint
  *** Evaluation dashboard now supports filtering by build name
  *** Evaluation dashboard shows completion time and commits
  *** New /eval/latest?spec=… endpoint, linking to the latest dashboard
  *** Evaluation page uncluttered
  *** New /jobset/SPEC/hook/evaluation POST endpoint to trigger an evaluation
  *** Build page provides hints for failed builds
  *** Build page shows the build machine and/or worker ID
  *** New /build/ID/log endpoint, with syntax-highlighted build logs
  *** New ‘etc/new-client-cert.scm’ script; see “Authentication” in the manual

And guess what? 1.2.0 is already running at <>.

Enjoy the colorful build logs and all that!  :-)


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