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bug#25900: [PATCH] gnu: r-hexbin: Updated SHA256 value.

From: Pjotr Prins
Subject: bug#25900: [PATCH] gnu: r-hexbin: Updated SHA256 value.
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2017 18:17:14 +0000
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On Wed, Mar 01, 2017 at 07:02:02PM +0100, Ricardo Wurmus wrote:
> Why is this necessary?  Has the hash changed?  Why?
> Or was the wrong hash committed?
> Please do not commit this yet.

I did not check the actual contents of the tarball, but the git log
said they changed documentation. Appears they uploaded with the same
version number. Funny a package that is that old, got one recent
update and then a HASH conflict.


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