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bug#25975: Use HTTPS in `guix pull`

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: bug#25975: Use HTTPS in `guix pull`
Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2017 21:51:37 +0100
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Hi Marius,

Marius Bakke <address@hidden> skribis:

> I've tried a number of times to send this through `git send-email`, but
> it seems to get caught in a spam filter or similar.
> Trying as attachment now.
> Note that this uses 'nss-certs' for easy testing, but is intended to use
> 'le-certs' from this thread:


> From 6667ea5a2ec3a26dd5c4fb5f792485eeb941a969 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
> From: Marius Bakke <address@hidden>
> Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2017 22:11:02 +0100
> Subject: [PATCH] pull: Default to HTTPS.
> * guix/scripts/pull.scm (%snapshot-url): Use HTTPS.
> (guix-pull): Add GNUTLS and NSS-CERTS to inputs when appropriate.


>    (with-error-handling
>      (let* ((opts  (parse-options))
>             (store (open-connection))
>             (url   (assoc-ref opts 'tarball-url)))
> -      (let ((tarball (download-to-store store url "guix-latest.tar.gz")))
> +      (let ((tarball
> +             (if (use-gnutls? url)
> +                 (begin
> +                   ;; Add GnuTLS to inputs and load path.
> +                   (set! %load-path
> +                     (cons (string-append (package-output store gnutls)
> +                                          "/share/guile/site/"
> +                                          (effective-version))
> +                           %load-path))
> +                   (if (use-le-certs? url)
> +                       (parameterize ((%x509-certificate-directory
> +                                       (string-append (package-output store 
> nss-certs)
> +                                                      "/etc/ssl/certs")))
> +                         (fetch-tarball store url))
> +                       (fetch-tarball store url)))
> +                 (fetch-tarball store url))))

This doesn’t really work, contrary to what you may experience.  ;-)

Namely, ‘package-output’ is risky because it returns the output file
name of a package but doesn’t ensure that the store item actually
exists.  So the above code works as intended when your store already
contains nss-certs and GnuTLS, but it breaks otherwise.

Instead we need to do something like this, though it’s not great either:

  (let* ((drv (package-derivation store nss-certs))
         (certs (string-append (derivation->output-path drv) "/etc/…")))
    (build-derivation store (list drv))  ;ugly: builds something right here

Another problem is changing ‘%load-path’ for the current process: this
will fail weirdly if GnuTLS is linked against a different libguile or
libc than the Guile executing ‘guix pull’.  We should refrain from doing
that and instead rely on the already install GnuTLS (I think we can
officially make it a hard requirement).

The code checks for ‘use-le-certs?’ but then uses all the NSS certs,
whereas the name implies something LE-specific.  Is that intended?  :-)

It’s also a case where I think we might want to use the
already-installed certificates.


Thanks for working on it!


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