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bug#26009: libpng-apng

From: Kei Kebreau
Subject: bug#26009: libpng-apng
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2017 22:02:04 -0400
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ng0 <address@hidden> writes:

> This adds `libpng-apng'. I had this in the dependency graph of palemoon,
> a webbrowser I stopped to work on because of license/trademark/legal
> insecurities.
> libpng-apng can be used to unbundle it from icecat. Despite the comment
> in gnu/packages/gnuzilla.scm: This is a real, maintained software which
> bases on top of libpng and tracks its releases.
> When libpng is updated, this package needs to be updated aswell as soon
> as the updated release of the patch is out.
> I have appended the last version I packaged as a git format-patch file.
> In the description the 2 occurences of APGN (Animated Portable Network 
> Graphics)
> could be written with the @defn{} of texinfo I think,
> and the synopsis could be changed to just "Animated Portable Network
> Graphics library". I think back then I just copied upstrema in text.
> Should anyone be interested to finish the work on the webbrowser, the
> repository with the branch is available at request.

For whatever reason, I can't get Guix to recognize libpng-apng as a
package seperate from libpng (i.e. "guix build libpng-apng" returns a
vanilla libpng directory). Do you have any idea why this is?

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