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bug#25966: [PATCH 2/2] gnu: gitolite: Fix shebangs in hooks.

From: Marius Bakke
Subject: bug#25966: [PATCH 2/2] gnu: gitolite: Fix shebangs in hooks.
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2017 18:00:51 +0100
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Clément Lassieur <address@hidden> writes:

> ng0 <address@hidden> writes:
>> On 17-03-05 16:24:14, Clément Lassieur wrote:
>>> address@hidden writes:
>>> > +                  (add-before 'install 'fix-hooks-shebangs
>>> > +                    (lambda* (#:key inputs #:allow-other-keys)
>>> > +                      (let ((perl (string-append (assoc-ref inputs 
>>> > "perl")
>>> > +                                                 "/bin/perl")))
>>> > +                        ;; The files in 'lib/Gitolite/Hooks' keep 
>>> > references to
>>> > +                        ;; '/usr/bin/perl', without this fix it is 
>>> > impossible to
>>> > +                        ;; to run gitolite in production.
>>> > +                        (substitute* (find-files 
>>> > "src/lib/Gitolite/Hooks" ".*")
>>> > +                          (("/usr/bin/perl")
>>> > +                           perl))
>>> > +                        #t)))
>>> This patch introduces references to the store in files installed by
>>> "gitolite setup" command.  Those files are installed once and for all.
>>> So for example .gitolite/hooks/common/update's shebang is
>>> #!/gnu/store/vcjvzmdy5091bklv73rx9nc0yvlk12yv-perl-5.24.0/bin/perl.  But
>>> then what happens when perl is upgraded, and Guix garbage collected?  My
>>> understanding is that the shebang won't work anymore, and gitolite will
>>> be broken.
>>> One can use instead special-files-service-type, which allows to have
>>> /usr/bin/perl working.  But it won't work anymore with this patch.
>>> I suggest we revert it, but I might be wrong.  WDYT?
>> I wanted a solution which works. I didn't consider this until it was
>> merged in (see my last reply). I don't think special-file-types are
>> a solution, I want this to work out of the box so that a service I want
>> to write for gitolite will work.
>> It can be a solution if it would work with the service and when it will
>> be documented as a requirement for gitolite. The off-the-shelves status
>> of gitolite is broken, you are not informed about these shebangs..
> This solution works right now, but later, when perl is garbage
> collected, it won't work anymore.  And this is worse that just not
> working, because things may already be in production when the bug
> appears.
> The special-files-service-type workaround has the benefit of being
> stable: while the user doesn't change her configuration, it will work.
> Even though it does not work "out of the box".
> So once again, I suggest we revert it.  Please could someone else
> comment on this?
> (BTW, when this is reverted, users who did run "gitolite setup" with
> this patch applied will still have the bug: they'll have to fix it
> manually.  So the sooner the better.)

So the problem is that created repositories has a perl reference that is
not visible to the garbage collector. Would it be possible to convince
Gitolite to create GC roots for each repo? That's about the only thing I
can think of that will work on both GuixSD and foreign distros.

Using the "special-files-service-type" to create /usr/bin/perl on GuixSD
seems "hacky"; users might want to have a different perl in "/usr/bin".

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