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bug#26072: [PATCH 35/35] gnu: Add r-seurat.

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: bug#26072: [PATCH 35/35] gnu: Add r-seurat.
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2017 14:07:39 +0100
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> Seurat seems to have it's last release as v1.4.0, and the usual
> approach would be to package that release. Is there some reason why a
> specific commit was used?

The latest version is, which appears to be 8 commits after the
commit selected for this patch.  The downloadable archive, however, does
not contain the sources.

The source archive for version 1.4.0 is from Oct 4, 2016.  The selected
commit probably was the latest version at the time.

I’ll add a comment to the top of this package expression and update the
commit to fccb77d, which is equivalent to the binary release

Thanks for the patches, and thank you Ben for the review! 


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