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[bug#28886] [PATCH] gnu: Add emacs-robe.

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: [bug#28886] [PATCH] gnu: Add emacs-robe.
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2017 22:31:33 +0200
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> * gnu/packages/emacs.scm (emacs-robe): New variable.
> ---

Thanks, this looks good.

The website lists a couple of Ruby dependencies:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
* pry
* pry-doc >= 0.6.0 (on MRI)
* method_source >= 0.8.2 (for compatibility with the latest
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

yet, I don’t see them among the inputs of this package.  Is this just
something that users are reasonably expected to have on their systems
when they want to use robe, or should these things be among the inputs?

I trust you made the right decision here, but I thought I’d just ask as
it is a bit confusing.


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