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[bug#28841] [PATCH 03/24] gnu: Add java-eclipse-jetty-test-helper.

From: julien lepiller
Subject: [bug#28841] [PATCH 03/24] gnu: Add java-eclipse-jetty-test-helper.
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2017 11:57:07 +0200
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Le 2017-10-18 22:50, Ricardo Wurmus a écrit :
Hi Julien,

From: Julien Lepiller <address@hidden>

* gnu/packages/java.scm (java-eclipse-jetty-test-helper): New


I wonder: is there a better place for this than java.scm?  The same
question applies to all other patches in this series.  Let’s try to
avoid a second python.scm situation :)

eclipse.scm? Or maybe maven.scm, with all other maven bootstrap dependencies (and maven itself)? Or maven-bootstrap.scm, maven.scm being for the complete maven built with maven-bootstrap, and all the plugins of maven?

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