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[bug#30637] [WIP] shepherd: Poll every 0.5s to find dead forked services

From: Carlo Zancanaro
Subject: [bug#30637] [WIP] shepherd: Poll every 0.5s to find dead forked services
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2018 21:13:53 +1100
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Hey Ludo,

On Fri, Mar 02 2018, Ludovic Courtès wrote:
I am doing that. The problem is that when a service dies (crashes, quits, etc.) the `respawn?` option cannot be honoured because shepherd is not notified that the process has terminated (because it never receives a SIGCHLD for the forked pid). My patch polls for the processes we expect, to make up for the lack of notification.

I see.

Actually, thinking more about it, we should be using PR_SET_CHILD_SUBREAPER from prctl(2), which is designed exactly for that.

Excellent! This is exactly the information that I needed. This is what I've been looking for, but without enough knowledge to be able to find it. Thanks!

So what about this plan:

1. Add FFI bindings in (shepherd system) for prctl(2). We should arrange for it to throw to 'system-error when the ‘prctl’ symbol is missing, as is the case on GNU/Hurd.

Are we okay with having this just not work on GNU/Hurd (or kernels older than 3.4, according to the prctl manpage)? We could fall back to a polling approach if prctl isn't available? I don't really like the idea of this working on some kernels but not others, given that process supervision is one of the main jobs of shepherd.

2. Use prctl/PR_SET_CHILD_SUBREAPER in ‘exec-command’. Here we must ‘catch-system-error’ around that call to cater to GNU/Hurd.

Why would we need to set it in exec-command? It looks like it modifies the state of the calling process, which means we'd want to set it in the shepherd service, not in each of the child processes.

That would address the main issue without having to resort to polling. Respawning will work only when #:pid-file is used though, but that’s already an improvement.


I'll try to get this working in the next few days. Hopefully you'll see a patch from me soon.


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